Handyman Services

Our company is the best handyman services provider in Dubai and we deal in all kinds of maintenance, repair and replacement works for your homes. If you have a problem in your electrical system or you want to replace your water heater, you just need to call us and we will send a well-experienced and professional handyman for that job.

Unlike other companies, we have separate teams of handymen professionals in every field such as electrical, plumbing, painting, AC repair, masonry work and also moving services. If you are moving to another place, you should just concentrate on the fun of having a new place and leave the boring packing, lifting and shifting jobs on our professional movers.

Handyman Services

We know better than you how to get a job done in the best possible way and with excellent skills and professionalism. Here is the list of the handyman services that our company provides:

Carpentry Handyman Services:

Our Company provides a wide range of professional and well-trained carpenters in Dubai. It doesn’t matter if you are locked out of your house, lost your keys or just want to change the locks, there is no need to do it yourself when our company is just one call away from you. You just need to contact us and explain what kind of carpentry services you are looking for and our professional handyman will be at your service in no time.

Plumbing Handyman Services:

Plumbing is a very important part of every house, apartment and work buildings. When water runs through pipes, it is possible that sometimes, it creates a problem such as leakage or blockage or anything else. If you have any of plumbing related problems, you just need to call us and we will be at your service. It doesn’t matter what kind of plumbing job you want us to done, we have professional plumbers in our company that are well-experienced in plumbing related tasks. If you want to change your faucets, repair the leakage in bathroom, repair the water pump or replace the water heater, you just need to call us.

Electrical Handyman Services:

If you don’t know much about electrical repairs and other stuff, it’s better if you don’t try to do it by yourself and ask for help from a professional electrical handyman company just like us. You want to change your switches, sockets or there is a problem in your electrical system, you just need to call us and our professional electrical engineer will be at your door step to assist you in the best way.

Window Cleaning

Lestclean Cleaning Services using water fed poles for window cleaning is a lot quicker than using other access methods for window cleaning. Using water-fed poles for window cleaning allows All Clean to access internal windows, Lestclean easily and quickly giving clients huge cost savings as well as health and safety benefits (No working from height).

The reason, that this method leaves the windows and facade smear free and spot free is that all of the impurities have been taken out of the water so when the purified water dries there are no minerals left behind to mark your windows.

When pure water is used for cleaning windows the impurities on the glass are held in the water, as the pure water strives to return to its impure state. Using our pole cleaning system we clean away all dirt and residue from the windows, sills and frames. Once this process is complete, the glass is then given a final rinse with the purified water to leave the glass totally sterile.

Once the dirt has been totally removed from the sills and glass (after 2 or 3 cleans) your windows appear totally clear and have a dazzling effect. We have tested this system rigorously and are sure that you will love the results.

Window Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

When your commercial construction is complete, look to Letsclean services to provide the final, thorough and detailed cleaning that's needed after construction debris has been removed. Contractors and building construction managers can rely on our experienced staff to remove and clean up dirt, dust and debris that construction crews leave behind. We are dedicated to going above and beyond service expectations, with resources readily available to do the job quickly and effectively.

Letsclean Services specializes in all aspects of post construction cleaning. Our staff of trained professionals has the experience to handle any size construction cleanup project.

Letsclean commercial cleaners are specialized in builders’ and post construction clean ups. We clean the constructed property for you to obtain the "Certificate of Occupancy".

Construction Cleaning

construction cleaning service includes:

  • Thorough vacuuming of all dusted surfaces
  • Sweep storage spaces, dust water heater
  • Clean all windows
  • Remove all paint/glue/stickers from glass
  • Clean all window tracks and remove residue
  • Clean all windowsills and frames
  • Clean all bathtubs and tub surrounds, shower stalls, sinks and toilets
  • Clean inside cabinets and drawers
  • Clean/wipe lighting fixtures
  • Clean doors and frames
  • Remove dust from baseboards and all woodwork
  • Sweep, vacuum and/or wash/scrub floors
  • Steam clean the carpeted areas if required
  • Sanitize bathroom and all other required areas
  • Dust or wipe any furniture

Moving In & Out Cleaning

Lestclean is the best move cleaning company in Dubai. Consequently, you can depend on it in cleaning when you move or leave to a new place, office or apartment. Lestclean Company offer high cleaning standard. These standard are set to meet the imaginations and hopes of real estate agencies, proprietors, and tenants. Our staff clean from ceiling to floor. In addition, they clean cabinet drawers and doors. Lestclean staff clean frames, light fixtures and electric plates. They also vacuum anything that have dust on. In addition, they clean and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen.

Moving In & Out Cleaning

Lestclean Move Service Offer:

Lestclean provide excellent customer reviews. Therefore, it has dedicated staff that are fully equipped to serve you. Consequently, they provide same day service, weekends and weekdays. They clean vacuum cleaner and mop floor in your home. In addition, they dust tops of wardrobes and cupboards. Our staff clean the interior of all reachable windows and their sills and frames. We offer flexible appointing hours.

Lestclean Move In/Out Checklist:

Things we do when you book this service with us:


Our staff are experienced in kitchen cleaning. Consequently, they wash and polish all kitchen cabinet surfaces. Our maids empty and disinfect bins. In addition, they clean cupboards, drawers, washing machine and dishwasher from inside and outside. They soap drawers and filters.


Our staff professionally clean, polish and disinfect shower, bath, toilet, tiles and mirrors. In addition, they wash and sanitize floors. Consequently, they use the correct cleaning material or the one you prefer. In addition, our maids clean, polish and dry bath taps. Moreover, they remove mold growth if they find any.

Lestclean offer plans that save customer’s time and money.

Residential Services

Looking for home cleaning services in Dubai, Lestclean home Cleaning helps you in making your home clean and sparkling place to live in. Just sit-back, relax and enjoy your free time. We provide home cleaning services for all types of residential such as bungalows, villas and apartments. Lestclean home Cleaning Company is the one in UAE that offers hassle free professional cleaning services. Our experts maids will provide you with deep cleaning service at every corner of the house /villa/bungalow. Lestclean Cleaning staff is fully trained to take extra care while cleaning around the house and also while dealing with fragile objects. For more information, you can contact our professional cleaning services or fill up the inquiry form given here.

Residential Services

We are more than just a cleaning service company, Lestclean provides with the complete solution for all your home service needs including home cleaning.

Residential Cleaning

  • Inside/outside microwave
  • Sink cleaned, sanitized, polished
  • Kitchen duct cleaning
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floors
  • Steel & glass surfaces cleaned
  • Clean counters, cabinet exteriors, table and chairs
  • Counter tops cleaned and disinfected
  • Clean exterior/interior of stove tops
  • Clean refrigerators and small appliances

Washroom Cleaning

  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Polish chrome
  • Clean and sanitize showers and bathtubs
  • Clean and sanitize sinks and vanities
  • Glass shower doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Towel racks, tiles & mirrors cleaned and shined

Bedrooms/Living Rooms Cleaning

  • Clean, dust and mop
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Vacuum furniture including under seat cushions
  • Dusting all window sills, ledges, doors, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, shelves etc.

All Living Areas

  • All carpeted area vacuumed
  • Wooden floors, cabinet cleaned
  • Blinds & ceiling fans dusted
  • Clean and polish all glass, mirrors and cabinets
  • Dust and vacuum upholstered furniture, sofa and carpet

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning | Hospital/Clinic Cleaning | Warehouse Cleaning

Office Cleaning

It is very important for your clients to see the cleanliness of your office. Therefore, it provides you with the best and latest technology in minimum time. Letsclean Office Cleaning helps to keep your office organized. We provide cleaning services for most type of business premises in Dubai including corporate offices, café, restaurant, school, warehouses, furniture, shopping mall, office carpet building, Events cleaning. Moreover, it provides services for hospital, revolution, construction cleaning. We have skill, experienced, trustworthy, responsible and well-equipped workers who are dedicated in their work.

We know the importance of maintaining hygienic conditions for your staff in the working environment. Therefore, we have professionally graded.

Office Cleaning

Warehouse/Storehouse and Industrial Cleaning.

The most important office services that Basma compromises are wall and ceil cleaning, exits, entrance and lobby, work surface disinfecting. It cleans shelf, bin, lighting fixtures. Also cleans large floor space and floor scrubbing, Showroom and equipment sanitization. Letsclean provide pressure washing and food area decontamination. It cleans carpet and vacuum, it uses ventilation system cleaning and offers safe and efficient waste disposal.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchen Cleaning is a special skill that we are exceptionally adept at. They have been doing from ever since they have been cleaning with us. Their skills have been fine-tuned and now it is possible for them to handle kitchen environment of any size or in any condition. Our cleaning services will make sure that all the utensils, crockery, the countertops, the cupboards, the sink, and all that comprise your kitchen are cleaned, wiped and shimmering for you to cook your next masterpiece.

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchen Cleaning for You

We clean to make sure that everything is not only cleaned and sanitised but the kitchen is arranged just the way you want to. Our cleaners will abide by any rules that you might have about the kitchen setting that you want to have and these maids in Dubai will ensure that finally, the cleaning results in the kitchen vision that you had in your mind.

Clean Kitchen

We are aware that the main purpose of cleaning a kitchen is to sanitise and to get rid of all the stains and other tarnishes that had occurred during your many cleaning sessions. The best cleaning done in the kitchen is cleaning that does take nothing for granted, and each individual item and corner is given importance. Therefore we clean the walls and the tiny corners behind the fridge. Similarly, all the dishes are cleaned, and no burns are going to be left our cleaners are done with your kitchen.

Carpet Cleaning

Lestclean provides carpet cleaning service in Dubai. We understand that you need more than carpet cleaning. You also need to protect your investment by prolonging the life of your carpet and upholstery. Our long-term carpet protection strategy helps, including the options specially designed to benefit your business.

At Lestclean Services, we believe that the cleanliness of your facility is a reflection of the way you operate your business. It’s important for your carpet to look its best whenever customers and other visitors arrive. It shows that you run an efficient organization, which leads people to believe that you handle your business as well as you take care of your surroundings. We want your carpet to look its best 365 days of the year.

Commercial carpet care should never be overlooked. When carpet is properly maintained, it helps to extend the life of one of your biggest business investments. Trust the people who’ve been cleaning the carpet in commercial organizations for years. Our trained technicians understand the importance of quality commercial carpet care.

Carpet Cleaning